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They came to our world a decade ago looking for refuge. Many opened their arms in welcome, but not all. Forced to do the bidding of an organization bent on their destruction, my goal was simple. Get in, take what I need, and get out. My sister's life depended on it. That all changed the moment we met. The attraction was intense, overwhelming, undeniable. Now, I must decide between his love and my sister’s safety. How do I choose?


For weeks my dreams were haunted by glimpses of a woman. A flash of hair, a glimmer of eyes, but nothing could have prepared me for the moment I laid eyes on her. Aleria. She is my destined mate. The other half of my soul and the anchor of my existence. She sets my blood on fire with a simple touch. When a secret she's been hiding is revealed, I will do anything to protect her. Will she trust me to stand by her side?


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