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I’ve lived my life on the run. Always looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the day that they would find me. Everyone I have ever loved has been ripped from me until I have nothing left but memories and dreams.

For years, he has been the only thing to keep me sane. My demon prince from my dreams.
His voice haunts me. Stirs me. Makes me yearn for him.
But will I ever find him? Or will he find me?

As my abilities manifest, will I be able to maintain control, or will they control me?

For millennia, my life has been incomplete. Until I saw her.
For years, I’ve watched over her. Protecting her from the monsters that chase her. Yet, I’m the biggest threat to her safety.

My perfect Nephilim. My mate.

Her face is there every time I close my eyes. Her voice soothes my very soul.

Will I be able to shield her from the horrors of my world or will I fail and finally claim her as mine, damn the consequences?


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