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“With the final ascension, she will be complete. Dark, Light, Justice and Balance to join together with Blood as one…”

The Balance has been irrevocably altered, and I’ve found myself in the clutches of a blood mage. One that I find myself drawn to in more ways than one. I didn’t think it possible. Another mate? I could barely handle the three I already had.

Our bond circle is tested as the true enemy emerges from the shadows. We must fight together as one or we will all fall.
The fate of the world lays in my hands. Alone, I’m not powerful enough to save it. Can I depend on my mates to get along and join together to fight against the evil threatening us?

Dark. Light. Justice. Blood. My mates surround me, and I must trust them if I am to survive this battle.

For together we are strong.
Divided we will fall.

Am I strong enough to keep my mates together and fight the balance at the same time or will the realms be thrown into chaos?

Balance Altered is a why-choose romance that contains content for mature audiences only. It will have MM and group sexual situations, action, fighting and a seriously sarcastic angel. You have been warned.


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