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Lottie is a wizard when it comes to data retention and storage. When it comes to her personal life? Not so much. She is clumsy and often gets stuck in her own head. Not to mention her collection of Squishmallows and collectable figures makes men run the opposite direction.

When a chance encounter puts her closer to Andrei, the dangerous Russian CFO, and Kaleb, the owner and founder of Wulf Asset Management, she can't make sense of her feelings for both of the strong men.
Add in their best friend, Colby, and Lottie is one confused Little.

What’s a girl to do when she becomes surrounded by three strong Daddies who want to take care of her?

Their Temptation is a why choose romance, where Lottie won't be forced to chose between her three hunky Daddies. It contains adult situation, BDSM, and Daddy roles. It's the beginning of Lottie's story, which will continue in Her Protector, Her Courage, and Her Haven.

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