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Dragonie Deliciousness!

Dragon's Redemption has been formatted and completed. I'm super excited to have everyone read about Drake and Sariah and their journey. It was a difficult one to write, but a phenomenal story all around. My proofreader told me that I ripped her heart out and then stuffed it back into her chest all in one book. I do have some ARC copies available for those that are able to review on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and the like. It releases on Amazon on March 27th! Check it out: Dragon’s Redemption

Book Two of the Dragonkyn Mates Series

Releasing March 27th!!

Born with a rare condition, my life has been one of monotonous solitude. When my sister mates with a Dragonkyn prince, everything changes. In the dead of night, I'm whisked away from my home by a handsome stranger.

My sister tells me I’m safe, that her mate and his twin brother will take care of us. Drake, the handsome stranger who rescued me, is my new doctor and promises to heal my body. For years, he keeps me at a distance.

Until I turn twenty-one and the truth is revealed - we're fated mates, destined to be together.

But an enemy from our past returns and threatens our future. Can we learn to love and trust this new bond that we share or will our nemesis destroy it?

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