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Newest book, Balance Threatened up for Preorder!!

Cover reveal and Preorder LIVE!

🔥Reverse Harem!🔥

🔥Angels and Demons!🔥

🔥 MM Action🔥

🔥Strong, powerful Heroine!🔥

🔥Plenty of Snark and Sass to go around!🔥

Balance Threatened

An Unyielding Fates Novel

The Academy of Light and Dark.

After three years, I never thought I would be back at this place, surrounded by men that would give their lives to protect me.

I'm ready to spread my wings and control my unruly powers, but the balance has been threatened. And I am the one that must uphold the balance, or the realms will fall into chaos.

With my mates by my side, we must fight our enemies….and ourselves.

Can we control the forces that are trying to pull us apart?

Or will it succeed in shattering the balance forever?

My name is Atalante.

Born of light and dark. Within me resides the balance of both Heaven and Hell and I am all that is holding this fragile world together.

Pre-order Book 2, Balance Altered and Book 3, Balance Restored now as well!

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