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Into The Shadows

February 18, 2020

Into The Shadows
Book One in the Shadows Ascending Trilogy

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

I’ve lived my life on the run. Always looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the day that they would find me. Everyone I have ever loved has been ripped from me until I have nothing left but memories and dreams.
His voice haunts me.
Stirs me.
Makes me yearn for him.
My demon prince from my dreams.
But will I ever find him?
And if I do, will I be able to maintain control over these abilities that are manifesting or will they control me?


Out of The Shadows

Book Two of the Shadows Ascending Trilogy

My time has come. To leave the shadows and learn to control these new powers that have been awakened within me. With my mate, Vincent, at my side, we will work together to battle the forces that are hellbent on bring about the end of the world.
While fighting our intensifying bond, I am thrust into a world of where one of our closest friends is taken captive by The Syndicate.
Will our newly formed bond survive the upcoming battle, or will our enemies destroy us?
Lorelei is finally mine. Secure in my arms and bound to me, but we are in the middle of an impending war with Lorelei right at the center of it. Old enemies emerge to capture my oldest and dearest friend and I must do everything in my power to get him back. With Lorelei at my side, I feel invisible, but her powers are growing so rapidly she doesn’t know how to control them.
Am I strong enough to protect her or will they capture her again?


Embrace The Shadows

Our lost soldier has been found, but a new enemy has emerged within The Syndicate. War is upon us and we must prepare for the fight of our lives. New allies appear, but can they be trusted?
As events unfold, and the battle rages, my powers spin out of control. Can I harness them, or will they be our downfall?

The calm before the storm. As enemies rise and shift, someone I thought long-dead returns to threaten the balance. As I work with Lorelei to control the power building inside her, new allies join the fight. With Archangels and The Syndicate breathing down our necks, can we really win this war?
Lines are drawn. Battles will be fought. We must win or everything is doomed.

Can we embrace the shadows, or will they consume us?

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